Are you a residential broker, agent or owner? Have you always wanted to expand your business and break into the commercial real estate market? Well, now you can. Introducing CoreTrakPro – the premier Commercial Real Estate Toolkit that can provide you the tools and resources to add a Commercial Real Estate Division or Company overnight.

CoreTrakPro is a product and service created by commercial real estate experts who have run both residential brokerage companies and commercial real estate brokerage companies. They understand the obstacles and challenge that owner’s face to add a new division or to retool their company.

Practical – Field tested

The components of CoreTrakPro are practical, field tested documents, procedures, marketing material.

The agents can begin using the material immediately.

Ease of Use

CoreTrakPro recognizes that the most important "commodity" a real estate agent has is time. The CoreTrakPro toolkit is extremely easy to use. The material is divided into logical sections. You click on the title…it provides a brief description…click on it again and the document becomes available to print or email. You can also modify any of the material.

Why Use CoreTrakPro?

Owners of businesses are usually busy running their day to day core businesses and may not have time to gather all the appropriate tools that are needed to jumpstart a commercial real estate division or company. CoreTrakPro eliminates the frustration, saves time, saves's ready to go when you are!


The creators of CoreTrakPro owned prominent real estate companies and know how important it is to make every dollar count; so CoreTrakPro is priced to be affordable. If an owner were to gather all the information, field test it, catalogue it, have an IT person create it...the cost would be in the thousands of dollars....not including the owners time to be involved in the process.

Tools and Resources

CORETRAKPRO provides a comprehensive package of tools and resources. This is just a small sample of the material you will receive:

  • Marketing Material
  • Promotional Letters
  • Proposals
  • Legal Documents
  • Pitch Books
  • Lease Analysis Tools
  • Brochure Layouts
  • Power Point Presentations to Solicit Building Owners
  • Power Point Presentations to Solicit Retail Tenants
  • Tips on Negotiating
  • Tips on Qualifying A Commercial Prospect
  • Lease Comparison Spreadsheets
  • Exclusive Representation Agreements
  • Sublease Agreements
  • Financial Statement Templates

Additional Services

CoreTrakPro is a ready-to-use system. The directions are easy. There is no need for in-person training.

However, some companies have requested we visit with them to provide some basic training in regard to the fundamentals of Commercial Real Estate Brokerage.

This service is customized and depends on the size of the company. The CoreTrakPro instructors/trainers that come out to train the real estate agents are veterans of commercial real estate; each with more than 20 years experience in the commercial real estate field.

CoreTrakPro helped me to close a commercial deal that made me more than 10 times my typical residential deal...-Jessica Bowman