Private CoreTrakPro at Your Location! Our experts address your unique challenges in starting up your commercial division. Our individualized on-site classes—led by some of the most-accomplished commercial real estate executives—are tailored to meet your business needs. Our consulting team works directly with your staff, at your location, to review the website and the documents therein. The result? Convenient, focused, practical training, and a shared experience for your team—at a cost per employee that can be half as much as sending staff to our public seminars.

CoreTrakPro will provide on-site support and training to individuals or small groups. With a focus on the basics, formatting and management of documents and presentations, all training is aimed to suit each individual's specific areas of need. Assisting you to build on your skills and knowledge, while consolidating the basics, allows you to feel more confident to explore the full potential of current technology in the commercial real estate field.

If you have something specific you would like covered lessons can be modified to suit any user. You will quickly learn all the secrets and tips that you will ever need to know.

The main benefit of on-site software training is people always feel more at ease when they are in familiar surroundings and on their own computer. By providing staff with training you will see an improved efficiency, saving you or your company time and money. If you feel on-site streamlining would help add value to your operating procedures, CoreTrakPro would be happy to assist.

Training Pricing

CoreTrakPro training is priced to be affordable.

Cited below are guideline fees for CoreTrakPro Training.

CoreTrakPro management recognizes that each training situation is different and will work with you to customize the right program at your budget!

Number of attendees Fee for 1/2 day
(3 hours)
Fee for Full Day
(7 hours)
1 to 10 $300 $500
11 to 20 $600 $1,000
21 to 50 $900 $1,500
51 and above $1,200 $2,000

Some companies ask their agents to pay for all or part of the training. Our pricing makes it very affordable. For example, a company with 20 agents for a 1/2 day session will equate to a $30 per agent cost…and if calculated on a per hour basis the cost to for one agent is $10 per hour for instruction.

An investment worth making in regard to business development!

Please note: If air travel is required additional fees may be incurred. All travel arrangements will be discussed prior to any estimated cost of training.

Training Registration

CoreTrakPro can help you with all your training requirements. Our programs are customized so that your employees, agents and professionals will obtain the most value from the training.

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CoreTrakPro helped me to close a commercial deal that made me more than 10 times my typical residential deal...-Jessica Bowman